Anxiety over veins today

anxiety keeps showing its nasty little face today. Ive noticed over the last few weeks i can see veins in chest, arms , legs pretty much everywhere. My anxiety is saying its something but everyone ive spoke to and drs say its fine nothing to worry about could be that ive lost weight and with it being winter im probably paler. But anxity is saying oh its something you better be worried because it probably something bad. Im fight back so hard today im pretty sure that they have always been there but now ive noticed them i cant not see them again. I sure do think because my anxiety is present ive managed to see these veins because at the time i was checking my body all the time.


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4 Replies

  • Seeing veins is natural so don't worry about it, I can see them on my body too. Can't you go do something to take your mind off your anxiety?

  • yes ive got a few things to do today which im slowly getting through. Just every now and then it come over me. I think today is going to be a battle of wills not to go and check anything on myself.

  • You will be fine, keep yourself busy, pop onto here too for non anxiety related chats. Do everything to keep yourself going..

  • yes it nice to come on here and help other people too. I have a lovely day yesterday feeding animal at the park. Was a nice little time out. We have a day planned out tomorrow but not sure where yet, sometime we just last minute and go out and see where we end up. So the thpught of getting out tomorrow is exciting.

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