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Sigh post tattoo anxiety

So husband and I got tattoos together last week, and I was really excited about it. The process was great, not very painful at all and the guy was highly recommended and licensed and all that. Still of course we had to sign a waiver with a warning about stuff and risk of infection and the like. And then afterwards, I have been assaulted with anxiety about contracting something blood borne like hep c or something. Like compulsive anxiety that takes over your every thought. I hate this. It's spoiling my whole experience with this. And I had a nasty cold this past week with a low fever for days and immediately it makes me freak out that it's related. Someone talk me down on this :-(

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Hi Njteal, I would think going to a highly reputable, licensed tattoo artist should give you some peace of mind. Waivers need to be signed for every type of procedure done. More as a formality and coverage for the provider. Going to the dentist or having even a hospital procedure doesn't guarantee that you won't contract Hep C. If the sterilization isn't done properly, it's been known to happen. I think it was just by chance that you came down with a bad cold and low grade fever this week. Sit back and enjoy your new tattoo, take care of your cold symptoms and feel better soon.


Man I was doing better not worrying about this. And then tonight I washed off my eye makeup and my eyes got irritated and I started obsessively looking at them convinced they were going yellow from jaundice Bc I must have hep c. Stupid anxiety. Trying to back away from this thought and let it go

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Njteal, I understand how once we get fixated on a disease, we tend to look for signs that it may be real. As you know, anxiety is very controlling, but you seem to have the key to release your fears and that is letting it go. x

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