Don't know if I believe it's anxiety

I constantly feel rough. I get hot flushes even when carrying out the smallest task. A strange tender feeling on my scalp which makes my head feel funny when I brush my hair. Muscles feel solid in my lower legs and upper arms and they hurt when I touch them. My head is never clear I feel spaced out. Everything is too much effort. Iv tried CBT which did help for a while, relaxation breathing. Tried ignoring it all but it doesn't help. I have always loved life. I hate feeling like this


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2 Replies

  • I would get a full test of bloodwork done. This way you can get some sort of relief of wondering

  • Iv been tested for Thyroid, diabetes, adrenal failure, had a heart scan, chest xrays. Dr's just keep saying it's anxiety. I'm nearly 65 and have never had anxiwty before I just don't understand it.

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