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nervous shakiness feeling?

can I ask does anyone else have a very sick feeling in their stomach on a daily basis? Its not nausea its more of a nervous shakiness feeling inside and also I feel stiff outside and my mind is stuck. I'm in a constant state of uneasiness and no sense of safety or stability. What can I do to alievate this constant feeling because its unbareable but every day I live it. i'm honestly praying to God for help.

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I have the same thing every day as well. I try and eat breakfast right before I leave for school or anywhere that I am going that day and I physically can't bring myself to eat because I'm so nauseous and nervous.. it's so confusing. idk. And when I am in public (or really all the time) I'm constantly numb and feel invisible. It sucks. I try praying a lot as well, I find that it helps to take the loneliness away because I know God will always listen. Praying for you right now. Good luck.


Thank you Hidden. How are you doing now? I woke up and just have a flat affect so like no feelings except nervousness. I don't know what I want to be doing everything is just so big and scary and I'm just so small and scared.


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