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Hi All

For those having/had counselling/therapy - did you stick to one therapist or try a few at the same time? I've been referred for counselling by gp but on waiting list, I'm off to see a private therapist later and have also been recommend an organisation by my employer who could help. I want to keep my options open to make sure I get the right help but realise too many people involved might not be a good idea.

Any thoughts?


Nicki x

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Each will have a different approach and are unlikely to want to work together with you. It's up to you which you find the best

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Thanks had a good chat with private therapist today so going to continue with her.

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Hi Nicki, Finding the right therapist is crucial. Goldfish answered this great. Find the right one, and stick to him or her. I found a guy who helped me greatly, then referred me to his home audio program, so grateful I found him. Hope it goes well for you.


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