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Anxiety panic attacks through work stress - please help


Dont know where to start, I work for a company in Berkshire and live in Dorset as a home based worker. I got promoted in Feb 16 and started feeling on edge around September. It got gradually worse and in Dec went to docs and he gave me a 2 week course of medication. I calmed down over xmas but now I'm a nervous wreck, cant sleep, working 24hrs non stop as 'checking' work done, then doing it over and over again. I have this week off and have been job searching today and visited agencies but I'm still panicking about work and I have been physically sick thinking about logging on Monday morning. I dont know what to do for the best. Please, any advice welcome

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Hello - I find writing things down helpful - everything that you are worried about even the little things and try and work through them. Do you know what is causing the anxiety i.e. Workload, responsibility, organisation? Maybe speak to your employer if they can help? I guess working from home is difficult - do you set a routine to stick to and make sure you get breaks and give yourself an evening off? Try and find a routine that works for you and ways to relax? X


Hi Nicki, Thankyou for your reply. I will try writing a list. My anxiety has come from work pressure, sales restructure has had a negative effect on my job and everyone is micro managing. My boss knows I'm stressed but does not know the seriousness of how its affecting me. To the point I have memory blanks and just cannot understand my job. I'm worried if I lose my job I have no savings and live alone with no family to support me. I'm worried I'll end up homeless as will not be able to pay my rent/bills.


It's easy to think the worst will happen but that will only make you more stressed. Take it a day at a time and again lists can be good for what you need to do each day try not to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture. Finding ways to relax in between working may help the concentration YouTube has good relaxation/mindfulnessbits and Pilates/yoga. Or some self help books for mindfulness to try and keep things in perspective. Don't be afraid to ask for help though.

Good luck x

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