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Could the doctor be wrong??!!

Last month I was at the Neurologist twice because of my eyelid quivering sometimes for a couple months and also my pinky finger would move back and forth for a few seconds and I was googling and crazy things came up , be the doctor reassured me it was not any of those things, so for about a month I wasn't worried too much , then yesterday my ring finger on my left hand when I move it a certain way shakes then stops and it's the finger next to the pinky , if I open and close my hand a couple times my ring finger shakes back and forth then stops so I'm freaked out, and wonder if something's wrong

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I have terrible anxiety. It's negative thoughts about my health all the time, every day, all day. My symptoms typically result in perceived weakness, muscle aches, and shortness of breath all day. However, when I'm really stressed out I get a constant twitch in my eyelid. Sometimes it can last weeks. I get muscle tremors in my arms sometimes too. My ring finger, on my left hand shook for a few days. My pinky shoot before that for almost a week. The muscles on the top of my hand sometimes pulsate too, it's weird because you can see it through the skin. Lastly, my thumb muscle sometimes jerks too. All of these symptoms come and go from time to time. The only thing they have in common is that they come when I'm stressed for deadlines at work, or having tough time with home life.

If you got the clear, then relax and know that you're in a battle with anxiety. So switch your focus to beating anxiety and not diagnosing some terrible diseases you found on the internet

when googling symptoms.

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Yes my eyelid has on and off been quivering for two months , I have to force myself to get my mind off it and stop looking for things , just keep busy and exersize, eat healthy, I do that too, but it's hard to stop the OCD worry. I hope your doing well. Keep in touch. God Bless


Muscle twitching is listed as a symptom of anxiety so if doctors are not worried you shouldn't be either :)


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