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Flying high

I suffer with anxiety & depression( to name a couple). My sister convinced me to get on a plane (2 hours 20 minutes). I was terrified. The plane took off-my stomach felt like it dropped somewhere. I felt like I was going to vomit the first hour or more but didn't. That's all-I didnt have a panic attack which was fantastic. The return flight was similar except I didn't feel I was going to vomit even if my stomach had the feeling of lead weight. I couldn't hardly wait for the plane to land. It was the longest two plus hours I've felt in a long time. Anyone experienced this feeling before? I don't understand it at all. Hope some people out there respond. Thanks

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Glad the flight went well , I'm not excited about getting on one either. Landing safely is a good feeling. Prayers for your anxiety and depression. I have had anxiety and panic for 30+ years. I'm working on it.

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Thanks for your prayers 😊 Anxiety is a hard "thing" to live with thats a certainty...


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