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Severe hyperaearenesd

hi, I have suffered with on off anxiety in different forms for years but about a tear ago something on a whole new level happened to me. I suddenly became aware of my conscious mind and couldnt switch off from it like we usually can. I obsessed about it for a good hour and had a panic attack and since then was Watching' everything I did, being aware of it and not able to live my life in a normal autopilot way if that makes sense. Some days I wouldn't let it bother me the others I would feel.panic about it all heart racing, that hot feeling that rushes over you. I got medication because I ended up not being able to Sleep. This helped and the hyperawareness dramatically reduced for a fee months. I weened off the meds and after 3/4 months of not being on it its back with a vengeance! My mind literally reminds itself every few seconds of thinking, about literal nothing! Its so hard to explain to people and I can't turn it off. Its like I just cant forget, but what I'm trying to forget I don't know!!! I just want to live life not realising I'm thinking every second of the day. Its really distressing and I feel like I'm going crazy because I'm not actually thinking of anything at all I'm just aware that I am thinking. I feel panicky every day and really really depressed with it. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know what the diagnosis is and I cant explain it to a Dr. Hoping someone can relate to this?


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