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Brain issues

I have suffering with theses horrible " anxiety" brain I call it for about 4 years now

Out of the blue, it would start to happen and I thought my brain was going to explode, and it feel so like nothing I can describe😔, no one seems to know

I talked to me doctor about cipralax , my brains isn't producing enough serotonin on its own , ciprelax has been a life changer!!!!

There were times when I was afraid to be alone, or with my son 😔

I take 2 x 10 ml a day, not a huge dosage

My mom is also on it, so is my sister, turns out it's in ourGenes

I hope this helps, feel free to ask me any questions, if I can help I would love to.

Thank you for reading

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Thanks for posting what you have found that helps you , I hope it will help someone else and it is always good to read a positive post where someone is overcoming anxiety and life is a lot brighter :-)

I hope it long continues :-)

Take Care x


Glad your feeling better. Please can you tell me if you have any side effects , such as weight gain on this medication? I'm on citalopram 10mg. But feel I need something different, thanks.



Hi Evelyn, I have gained about 20 lbs, but i have friends that are on higher dosages of Cipralex, that a re skinnier than anything!:) It must different fro everyone

I carry Citalopram with me at all times in case any issues arrive, i only take it while i feel it coming on, and thank god i have it!!

Hope this helps you,


Thanks for getting back to me. Hope you carry on getting better.

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