Terrified of stomach virus please help:/

Ok so about 10 days ago I got a stomach virus possibly norovirus after my son had it. My appetite still isn't back and out bowel movements still aren't normal. I'm so scared of getting sick again because I have heard some people have gotten it twice. Everyday I have done nothing but Google this stuff and it's made things so bad for me.


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4 Replies

  • Hi Hms2112, please don't google. I'm sorry you and your son are suffering thru the stomach virus however, your doctor is the only one who should be overlooking your health issues. Reading things on your own will only help to raise your anxiety and not do a thing about the virus. I hope both of you get well soon.

  • Don't worry about it too much. I had this notorious in November and it was over 3 weeks before I ate properly. It will get better xx

  • Thousands of people got the virus this year and they are all OK, you will be OK too but you need to stop worrying about it or you will continue to feel worse.

  • Please don't worry about it too much it will pass out of your body just give it time I know it's a horrible thing to have but you will soon be well Just look after yourself rest drink lots of water and DON'T Google its the worst thing to do it will frighten you to death Get well soon sending hugs😉

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