Would love to sleep like a normal person 😔

2:32am I woke up at midnight and still not able to go back to sleep. I had a horrible stuffy nose I'm starting to think I may be allergic to my boyfriends cat. Of course when you have anxiety and you have a stuffy nose you can't breathe and a little bit of panic sets in and before you know it you can't sleep. Luckily I'm off tomorrow from work!

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  • I know how you feel I've been waking up at either 2:30am or 3:30am for months now it's exhausting I just lie there hoping to go back to sleep as I don't want to use my tablet or kindle to pass the time as I know they won't help the situation. I even tried nytol which didn't work.

  • I was doing that last night reading on my phone. I was never one who couldn't sleep through the night but lately it's been happening a little more. Glad I was off today because I was extremely exhausted all day.

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