burning face and ears!!!

Every night (at about 6-7:00) my face starts feeling really hot. If I look in the mirror my cheeks and ears are bright red and they also feel extremely hot. I start to feel panicky and really shaky and find myself starting to get easily angered and I have to distance myself from others and be completely alone when it happens. It usually lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Is this normal? I will sometimes get it during the day if I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? But this has been happening on a daily basis for months and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my anxiety and depression or if it's medical? I am 17 and my parents aren't worried about it. I have told them but they say I'm over reacting. Is this a symptom of anxiety? please help!!

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  • I get this a lot and around that time also! I too have been wondering what it is?

  • My best friend experiences this often when she's either really stressed/overwhelmed(like in crowds or parties) or really tired(with her job she tends to pull all nighters a lot). Her ears get so red and hot and her cheeks get red. Sometimes she doesn't even know it's happening until I point it out. Her doctor said it's called a butterfly rash(often seen on people with lupus but she doesn't have lupus or any other diseases that would warrant an issue) and it's just from stress and overworking herself and whenever she gets them, she knows it's time to relax and take it easy for a bit and once she does, it goes away. If she can't because she has work or things to do or she just chooses to ignore it, she tends to be really worn down and not well the next day, but then when she rests, it's gone again. I obviously can't say for sure it's the same thing, but if it is, it's nothing too serious to worry about. Especially because it's happening at night time, you might just be tired from your day. Also if you have the heat on in your house, sometimes i find that if I have the heat on, my face gets red and hot even though I don't feel hot, so I open the windows a little bit and it helps cool my face down.

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