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Need some assurance

Okay so i have been having these burning pains under my left breast that goes into my back and also in my sternum this really freakes me out because it feels like in my heart area burning..i have been having this for a year now. i went to ER and doctors did a ekg on me to check if it was a heart attack waiting to happen but all was put me on drip and said its acid i know you propably saying well theres your answer!!! i just want to know how and what symptoms you get from acid reflux maybe we can relate and i can just find away to calm down.

Gods love


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Hi antianxiety, I have virtually the exact same pains, and yes it is scary, particularly if you have an over active mind. It could be acid reflux, I also get a bubbly feeling too, did they give you anything for the acid reflux? I am not a medic, but the other thing it could possibly be is myofascial pain, where the tendons between the ribs become sore, it you press with your finger you could possibly find trigger points, that when pressed hurt. I think when you suffer from anxiety you hold yourself so tense that muscles etc. can become sore and spasm, try looking up myofascial pain and see if the symptoms are anything like yours.

I hope this is helpful, but If you start to feel worse please seek further medical help.

Take care.


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