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Another Night :/ "Advice needed"

Here we go, another night where I wake up for some reason then whenever I try going back to sleep my body instantly goes into panic mode and starts freaking out.

Like I don't get it at all seriously, its bad enough I have anxiety and panic while awake but the one place "my dreams" is where I'm supposed to feel the safest.

To describe it is like... that moment right before you're about to drift off to sleep, your body instantly gets hit with a wave of dread and panic, tingles all over the body. Sometimes muscle twitches or something and you're forced to wake up and keep yourself occupied until it goes away and you can safely fall asleep again.

Nocturnal Panic Attacks :/ are the devil.

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I have these all the time. The only thing that helped me was Ambien, to keep me asleep. I was so frustrated because I felt like I had no control of my own body. Unfortunately, Ambien is habit forming so you would probably want to treat the cause and go from there. But if you're incredibly sleep deprived it is something that will help initially.

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