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Good morning everyone. I've been suffering with nonstop anxiety since end of November. Some weeks are better but it's always there. Last Thursday I had a 24h ecg done and still haven't gotten the results! So naturally I've been freaking out. Everyday I feel weak, irregular heartbeat, back pain, numb arm, tingling in my face, shortness of breath, you name it. Dr said she pretty sure it's not my heart but I won't feel fine until I get my results! Anyone else have to wait a long time for results? Thanks!

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Hi, can't you just ring and ask for the results? At least you'll know then.


I did twice! They keep telling me the dr hasn't gotten around to going over the results. So I just keep telling myself it must not be that serious if the doctor isn't too worried


Ah ok, sounds about right then!! It usual with in depth tests to have to wait for the doctor to get through everyone's. They do say no news is good news.!! I'm sure that didn't help but if there was any great concern you would have heard by now I'm sure.

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