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Anxiety and Panic attack update

It has been five months since I've had my worse episode of panic ever. I have always been suffering from anxiety, and I wanted to give you guys and update of how time and commitment can help you! OK, so five months ago I went to the movies to watch suicide squad and halfway through the movie I was suddenly doused with ice cold fear and the feeling of impending doom(the usual panic attack symptoms except 100 percent worse). Ten minutes later I'm outside the theatre curled into a ball on the steps with my mom on her way to take me home. The first month after this incident was extremely challenging. I felt ditzy and empty headed and confused all the time, and I was fairly certain that there must be something wrong with me(yada yada, thinks you're going crazy but you're not, yada yada). It was the second month where my mind felt clear enough to tackle the problem on why my anxiety was so severe in that moment of having my panic attack. So, I hit the books. Tons of research later I came to the conclusion that there was one particular reason why I had such a bad episode.

My diet.

Crazy, right? But looking back, it made sense. I drank cola everyday, used a lot of butter when cooking, consumed a lot of oil and fats, and ate too much sugar, and destroyed fish and steak for dinner. All of this was ingredients for a storm brewing. My body's natural balance was out of control.

So, I cut out coffee, coke, sugary drinks, and lots of oil when cooking.

Wow, it was amazing how much better I felt in two weeks. But I was still anxious, and jittery(my somewhat normal self). Then I came across a post on how meat and dairy effects your hormones, and compromises your health considerably. Earthlings, Cowspiracy, and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead(documentaries) later, I became vegan.

Bingo. That's when I felt the change.

I can't tell you when the last time I remembered going to sleep without feeling anxious or having stressful thoughts. I felt lighter waking up, and peaceful through the day and it was always constant.

Okay, let me tell you, I slipped up several times throughout the months of my new lifestyle eating some dairy and meat at parties. But I always felt the same the next day: stressed and anxious, with stomach pain and facial breakout.

Listen, I'm not going to say that going vegan will solve all of your metal health problems, but it definately make it easier to managed. Of course I still have my moments, but it's just ridiculous how much it has been reduced.

So, if you are at a particularly hard time right now, try going vegan for a month. Only a month, and record how you feel everyday of it.

Well, I gave my update. It's been almost have a year and I am feeling amazing guys.

Peace, and love to you all

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Hi Raphyrue, First of all congratulations in feeling well and getting your life back.

I totally agree with diet being a big factor in feeling better. No matter how big or small a

change, it can make a difference in our anxiety level. Continued success. x

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