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Hello everyone,

First time I've written on the board.

My anxiety is getting worse as I get older. FIrst of all it was the thought of driving on the motorway at high speed and having a crash.

Now it seems to relate to everything I do. Fear of criticism at work. Fear of putting on new clothes. Fear of going on holiday on my own to a new place. That' s just the things I can think on top of my head.

Essentially fear of the consequences.

I'm not on any medication for it. Just getting fed up with it. It's stopping me enjoying life.

Any advice on relieving/ reducing the thoughts, feelings. emotions?

Many thanks


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Hi Andy, what helps me is when I start over thinking I say to my self is this helpful? I always say no!! So then I tell myself to stop it!! Also when I get up on a morning I say today is going to be a good day!!! I feel positive and I can do whatever I need too!! Keep saying it over and over again. As soon as the negative voice starts over ride it with a positive. It does work but. You have to keep at it. I know it's awful feeling this way. You can get better from it. I also use meditation!! It's been really good for me!!! I go to a class every Thursday 🙏🏻It may be helpful for you to try it.


Thank you for replying. Thank you for the advice. I will give it a go tomorrow morning :) Andy

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