Hi my name is janet i am 24 , i had my first severe anxienty/panic attack a month ago at work my doc thought my thyroid was overactive i had blood work done it came out fine..but eversince then ive had so many physical symptoms that i sometimes think that something is wrong with me even tho my blood work was fine does tnis happend to anybody else ? My chest n shoylders muscles ache like they are strain,i sometimes have shortage of breath ,i feel bloated,chest pain,also feel tightnes around my throat or like my food isnt going down ...


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2 Replies

  • That is exactly anxiety, it will cause all those symptoms and more. Listen to your doctor on any advice he or she may have on relaxation to get it under controll. God Bless

  • Exact same symptoms. I had convinced myself that it must be a heart problem even though all my labs and ekg came back normal. I'm learning how to cope with it. Ima tarting therapy tomorrow and have high hopes that there is an end to all this madness. Stay strong!

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