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I am suffering terribly from Health Anxiety. Any ache or pain and I think it's a serious illness mainly cancer. I've lost my sister (38) to oesophageal cancer and my Dad to the same disease 3 months ago. I've had blood tests and they are fine, I've had the camera down my nose to the top of the oesophagus and all well. I just can't get my mind to not think I'm going to die. I now cry a lot and feel awful. I get pains in my back, my sides, my stomach and I panicked and feel terrible. I was put on trazadone 7 weeks ago and wonder if anyone else has been on them? I never had any of these pains until I started taking them. Is it the tablets or the anxiety causing all the pain? Then because you have the pain you think you are ill and I feel terrible again. The thought of working or going out as I used to fills me with dread. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm with you... I lost my dad to cancer almost 2 years ago. All my symptoms are screaming CANCER but my GP thinks it's all down to health anxiety from losing dad. I wish it was all in my head. I HOPE it is. I'm going demented!


Hi there. Thanks for replying. I know how you feel, it is terrible. My doctor says all the pains etc are all due to anxiety. Are you on any anti- deprescents? Hope you feel better soon. The anxiety affects every part of life.


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