Anxiety about my puppy

My puppy had some stomach problems a while ago. It was nothing. Went to the vet and it wasnt a big deal. Hes a healthy puppy. Ever since I have been worrying about every little thing. Im afraid he dies in his sleep for no reason, im afraid to leave him with anyone other than me. I literally run home when hes with a dogsitter. I constantly check in panic if hes sleeping or dead, if hes seizing or dreaming. I even worry about his food portions. I weigh his food with one gram accuracy and worry whether im giving him too little food. I have history with anxiety. I cant tell anymore if theres really something wrong with him or if im being crazy


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3 Replies

  • Hi Toffee, You're like a parent with a new baby. Afraid you'll miss something important. Is this your first puppy? Would love to see a photo! I think you'll get better, as your puppy gets a little older. I have quite a few cats. One in particular, has been sick numerous times. I watch her breathing, and wake her up, if she's breathing hard. I'm Oversensitive to everything about her. The others not so much. I almost lost her a couple times. That explains that. You will get more relaxed. Ruby🌹

  • It's my second puppy actually. I think the first vet visit scared me. I hope your cat is doing fine xx🐱🐱

  • 😁😁😁😁😁 Good luck.....

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