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Hard to breath!!!!!!!😕😱😓😥

I have been suffering with extreme anxiety for about a month and a half and along with heaviness of the head dizziness uneasiness cloudy feeling in my head and feeling week I have been feeling like it's hard to breath sometimes. It may just me congestion but it's been annoying to deal with. I am currently on Christmas break from school and instead of relaxing I find myself worrying about this feeling of it being somewhat hard to breath. I have been to the doctors twice only for them to tell me I'm completely fine which does make me feel good but this feeling is starting to get annoying even though it comes off and on. If you know how to help this please comment it below and also I am aware that anxiety can cause this symptom so I don't worry to much about it...

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I'm glad that you went to the doctor so I feel better about that. My acid reflux can make me feel like it's hard to breathe sometimes and also my sinus stuffiness also makes it feel hard to breathe. But I'm still here and it turns out I'm actually breathing. It feels scary at the time though so I can relate. If you really feel like it's congestion please try a neti pot. May seem gross in theory but they can really help clear up your nasal passages and make you feel like it's easier to breathe.


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