Day 4

Day 4 of citalopram. Last night had a lot of anxiety but kept reassuring myself that it was just that. My sleep has been broken up and having vivid dreams now. I keep getting a lot of heart burn and feels like a lump is in my throat. Just got to stick this out I've felt worse so im just thankful im getting through the days as im only on my 4th day i know it takes a while to feel the benefits. I just want to be able to get back to doing things i once enjoyed and be productive instead of just hiding and being full of fear all day.


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  • Yes, 4 days isn't long. I'm better now and have asked to keep on Citalopram as once I came off and started feeling bad again. I've taken them a few years now and when I dream it can be vivid, but I wake up feeling OK. Good luck, try to keep busy and circulating.

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