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Vision trouble

Can anyone let me know if they have had vision problems that have lasted a while. I've had distorted vision and trouble concentrating for about 5 days now which I consider to be quite long. I'm 100% focused on it now though which could be adding to it, plus my constant teeth Grinding. Can someone just help reassure me. I've got a wedding today and I am petrified just need some help :(

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I've had vision problems for a few years with everything looking like fuzzy and off but im not sure if thats my anxiety or something else. Just try to relax and enjoy the wedding!


Fight or flight dilates the pupils making you sensitive to light because we evolved for hyper focused vision when a predator may be around. Do it for days on end(like most of us here) you're gonna have some vision issues. The more calm you are the more the vision will return to normal. Easier said than done I know.


Yup. On an off for almost a year. My eye dr gave me a clean bill of health. At this point I'm convinced it's anxiety. It sucks. A lot.


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