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Empty feeling

So today I feel "meh" like I feel empty inside. I feel like I'm just gonna fall over dead. I'm like depressed and could care less about the world right now. And just a little bit ago it felt like my heart like double beated or like beated like really hard for like a second then went back to normal. Drives me nuts always thinking about my heart. It kinda felt like a heart palpitation but of course I think everything is going to kill me. I feel super sensitive today. But I don't feel like anxious if that makes sense. Like i didn't get short of breath or anything. And every time I go to the doctors they say my heart sounds really good. I know there's a lot of random stuff in here but does anyone ever just feel "meh" and empty on the inside and feel like they're hearts just gonna stop?

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Omg I feel the same way today 😳 it's horrible.. I feel lost.. I know the empty feeling your talking about.. But I'm not anxious.. I just feel like a walking zombie looking for a Doctor to prey on because they aren't helping me out or giving me answers. Lol just kidding. Had to make myself laugh. 😝 Anyways.. I'm constantly thinking I'm just gonna fall over dead.. These negative thoughts are horrible & I guess anxiety has made me lose control of them. I don't feel like myself today. 😳 I always feel like I need to find myself a nurse or Dr to attach to my hip... That's how bad my Anxiety is..

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