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Constant worry about cancer

Hi I suffer from panic disorder, anxiety, depression and OCD. My boyfriends mother has very bad cancer and it's been very traumatic on all of us. Now I obsess constantly afraid I will get cancer. I was sick sometime in October for about two weeks and I discovered at some point I can't remember if it was before or after I was sick I found a swollen lymph node of the back of my neck and it hasn't went away for atleast 6 weeks. After being sick they are supposed to go down but it hasn't. I went to the dr and she felt it and said it's small and moveable which is good and she felt under my armpits and groin and said nothing else felt swollen and that sometimes the nodes can take a while to go back down or sometimes they stay out. Anyway Idk if it's in my head but I started feeling under my armpit area between my armpit and boob and was

Pressing around and now I feel like it tender and I'm worried maybe something is swollen there. Then I have a pain around the top of my thigh like the inner thigh and I'm worried it's a lymph node but I touch around and don't feel any lumps. I also saw my ent and he didn't seem concerned either about the node. I have no other symptoms. A woman at my job that had lymphoma said oh the drs told me all the same things and it turned out to be lymphoma, but she did have symptoms. I read online though on forums of people that had lymphoma and had no symptoms at all expect a swollen node. I'm so scared I can't live like this :( I feel like I need to have it biopsied in order to stop about it. I just don't know how to stop with this

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Hey Alis6552, I sounds like you have been focusing on what could be wrong, might be wrong, and getting into a spin with all these thoughts ~ Take a deep breath, take a few and slow your mind down and think about the things that are good, going fine for you try to change your focus ~ It's sad and hard watching someone with Cancer but you can't help by feeling bad and need to take stock and see if you can use your energy to maybe help rather than look inwards at what might be wrong?

I'm sure you can recover from your panic disorder, anxiety, depression and OCD; feeling good ~ you deserve that in your life I wish you joy in your life and look after you ~ you deserve happiness not torment. The fact you have posted here shows you have the strength to win and recover fully ~ I wish you the best of luck


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