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New medicine at same time a PMS. .. not a good mix

I have suffered with social anxiety for years. Was on zoft for almost 18 years. I stopped it back in may. Thought I could suck it up and deal with life. Wrong! Went to my Dr this past Wednesday to see about getting g back on it. Started 50mg Wednesday and woke up Thursday around 430am with full blown anxiety and it's now Sat and it's still there. I also took another pill Thursday like I was suppose to... I haven't taken one since Thursday. I left the Dr's fine, took that pill and BOOM... must be a side effect. Also, started my period Friday and that always brings on anxiety. Feeling helpless and just wanna crawl in bed and hope it all passes.

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If you're getting anxiety with periods, please see a hormone doc. Be sure he/she is into bioidentical hormones. Have it checked out. Could you be in perimenopause? Antidepressants just masked my hormone problems, while progesterone elevated them. Check your thyroid and vitamin and mineral levels too. Anxiety can be conquered if you find you need something your body isn't getting.


I have had my obgyn check I to hormonal issues and says all is good. That was a few years back. I can always tell when my period is coming because 2 nights before I'm up all night tossing and turning with anxiety. Usually last a few days into my cycle. I have never felt this awful nonstop for days straight though, that's why Im assuming its the 2 days of zoloft i started.. I have read alot today that says it will make you feel worse before berter. Some say weeks before you feel better.... NO THANK YOU! I have never seen a hormonal doctor. May be something for me to look into. Thanks for sharing the info.


I have the worst anxiety when my cycle is coming and going.


This Rescue Remedy spray really helps with PMS:

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