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This scares me

So im laying here@ 12:43 going thru the things my body go thru, wats bothering me right now is my left ear , stomach hurt back hurt, kinda shaking(not as bad) nose feels dry , im going to get the vicks , but first i rinse my nose with water. The back of My head also always have this weird feeling i cant explain , im always light headed but i never try to think about it cause it will make me panic smh . I can never stay focused on one thing , i have been like this in a while scared to even try & Sleep

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Hello, Because it's late I'll give you my short answer. I have all of those symptoms right this very minute. It is anxiety working it's way to panic . You will be ok and so will I. Think about something that engages your mind, I hope we both get some sleep. Pam


Thanks me too


Had exactly the same had so much going on, sickness, bereavements which manifested as acute anxiety. Stomach pains particularly on the right from acid all down to worry, headaches and shakes when under pressure, really got me down to ending up in tears, at the end of six months I was existing on 2 to 4 hours a night, not good and eventually as I say got the better of me.

Best thing and I wish I had done it sooner was to see my GP, straight off diagnosed stress related anxiety and depression, wanted to put me straight on prosaic but I resisted that idea, but was referred to a councillor, having someone totally independent and confidential to "download" to makes a weight lift of your shoulders daft as it sounds.

I also started taking my iPad to bed and listened to relaxation and grounding meditation, it teaches you how to relax and clear that washing machine of thoughts from your head and really does help you relax and fall into a beneficial sleep. You can find loads of them on you tube, you will have to try a few to see which one works for you, but the ones where you listen to someone teaching you relaxation breathing with waves breaking in the background sent me straight off.

What also worked for me was being strict about my sleep patterns, made sure I went to my bed at a set time and got up at a set time no matter what.

Good luck, but if you can't sleep, get clouded thoughts, hard to concentrate on any one thing, feel emotional for no reason in particular, suffer bad stomachs, headaches and poor performance at work

Please see a doc it works and is the best first step to feeling better, wish I had done it sooner.


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