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Never Google Your Symptoms

*I think this should be a code amongst all anxiety & panic disorder sufferers.*

We've all been there before, freaking out over something that has us worried, which in return we head to our closest smart device and hit the web in search for an answer to our problems. Only to find that the answers you get just make your anxiety 100x worse.

I speak for everyone when I say looking up your symptoms on google is the worst thing you could possibly do, I made the mistake of doing that and called the ambulance on myself once when I was completly fine.

If you really think it is that bad, go to your doctor and get a checkup.

In the mean time, try and relax, breathe, drink some water, and remember !


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I strongly disagree. When I can't get answers from my doctor, then I search my symptoms on the internet, but I don't use the Internet as a cure. I had a T.I.A., and my doc didnt tell me, I had to type in my symptoms to find out what it was. I also discovered that certain vitamin deficiency can cause anxiety and panic attacks, my doctor never told me that. Some time it is good to be proactive and do your research. I find the internet very helpful, I have learned alot. I would not have know about amino acids are minerals if I didn't do research from the Internet, are about magnesium. I have decided for myself to not only see a regular doctor, but a functional medicine doctor as well. I rather take vitamins and supplements, than medicine, that's if I can.


I understand your views on this , but just from personal experience I've learned it does nothing for the anxiety to relax you

It pretty much just makes you worry more figuring out what it is


For many of us we do go to the Doctors and we leave thinking that they are lying to us plus they do not know how to deal with people with Anxiety this is what CBT for. I do not have faith in my doctor as he just a pill pushy as I call him and the other doctor just keeps saying I need to lose weight so Google for me was the place to go


Google will usually raise your anxiety by bringing up more serious possibilities than you had ever thought of.

Doctors have the experience to put your symptoms in context and provide reassurance. They have no reason to lie.


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