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Lost my job

Hi all, first post. I recently lost my job due to downsizing. Since then my anxiety has kicked into high gear. Mine comes during highly stresssful times and once things settle I goes away for the most part until the next major change. I am 50, and the sole supporter of my family. Now all the scary thoughts are running through my head and I am freaking out again. Will I find a job, will my anxiety keep me from getting a job, will we lose the house, what will people think, am I going to lose to much weight (no appetite), will I end up in the hospital, am I going to spiral out of control? I've been self medicating with beer and wine in the evenings just to have a little peace. But I know it's not a good solution and can make anxiety worse. So I'm going to work on cutting it out or down considerably. Now I'm getting afraid of the fear and struggle. I wake up every morning dreading the day and the struggle. I look forward to bed time when I can hide from this hell.

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Hi Sulley66, you are going through all the normal emotions that anyone in your position would have when losing their job. I'm glad you realize that self medicating with beer and wine is just going to add to your problems. It's understandable that we all tend to want to hide when life gets too stressful. But know that it would be better to go to bed thinking positively that tomorrow's a new day. With new opportunity, maybe some answers as to how to provide for your family. If it will do anything, it will lessen the morning dread and anxiety. 50 is not that old to start over. Hopefully something will come up sooner than later. Meanwhile keep an open mind to what is out there or think of something you can do in the interim. Best of luck Sulley.

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Thanks Agora. Appreciate your reply. Have a great day!


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