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Beyond depressed need help

Lately I been feeling more depressed and more aniexty like the numb tingling face and tingling in my feet and arms and it's make me more upset I feel like I'm dying I have dry lips and eye I wake up not rested because I can't sleep thru the night I toss and turn and then get so upset I'm like pulling out my own hair can't taken this much longer I'm on buspar but I just feel like when he up my dose I feel like I got worse the meds don't seem to be helping have a doctors appointment today hopefully he will listen to me

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How long have you been on your current dose of buspar


i get those same tingly numb feelings now without meds but years ago when i was on buspar when it kicked in it made my finger tips an feet tingle and i felt dam weird all over


Yea makes me feel weird as well


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