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Sleep anxiety

Hey guys, I'm a somewhat healthy girl and I was just wondering if anyone has sleep anxiety? Like sometimes when I'm sleeping I would wake up randomly gasping for air like I haven't been breathing or my heart would randomly beat so quick when I Wake up and it takes me a while to calm it down.. I've had an ecg test does that rule out heart failure and things like that.

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Hi Fiona, trick is not to get too hot, too many clothes will trigger your heart rate, so keep cool, rather than warm, keep off caffine drinks before bed, and dont eat after seven , couple of glasses of red wine are great!!!!!! you have had your E.C.G.take it as read, your heart is sound, if you are still worried ask your GP, maybe a little sleeping might help in the short term, best wishes xxx


HI Fl..... Maybe you should ask your doctor to have a sleep study done on you. You have systoms of people who suffer from sleep apnea. Look it up when you get a chance. I hope you find the root cause and get better.

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Hello sounds familiar I go threw something similar . I wrote about it on my profile see if it's what your talking about . Let me know ..


I would suggest a sleep study... I had the same symptoms and my doctor ordered a sleep study and found out I have sleep apnea, now that I have a CPAP I don't have anymore problems.. Good luck


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