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Feeling bad

Omg after my little episode last night my whole body hurts and my whole head is very tense i feel weird ugh. I'm thinking maybe my chronic neck spasms has alot to do with the way I'm feeling I know everthing is a trigger anxiety it truly sux ass i drank some green vegetable V8 it helped a little and i got my self some vitaminshit also and i got some musel rub called Dragon hope it helps.. i hope everyone is fealing ok today now that the weather is changing and the cold flue is going around i have a cold now and it doesn't help anxiety ugh makes it worse😷

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You are doing well by taking care of yourself. I have a hard time making it out The door. I dread the flu season. I am afraid I will get an anxiety attack,if nausea hits me. (Knock on wood).Hope you get out of pain soon.



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