Tonight or today

Today i felt a bit better!! last night was horriable lets just put it this way another bill for me!!! 😕my chest was hurting the dr said i have this thing women gets and feels like a heart attack but its not! im to lazy to look at the paper lol. they told me to get a heating pad and put it on my chest and gave me tylenol 2 of them and motrine 600 . i was just scared because my father past away from a heart attack .. im afraid its going to happen to me!! now i feel like my chest is weak but i need to stop thinking it but i can feel it nd feels like its going to stop huy!!! im just glad im ok

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  • I'm also glad you are okay. You should try to worry less, your doctor wouldn't lie to you. Try to remember that it is just pain, not a heart attack and take your medications as prescribed. Best of luck, I hope tomorrow is even better than today :)

  • Thank you so much

  • glad you are ok.

  • Thank you😆 i appreciate it

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