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Starting to think stomach cancer :(

This 7 year stomach issues go up and down recently it's gotten not so well I randomly over heat and just can't eat the amount I was consuming befor all this :/ I ate a piece of bread and jam today, noodles and just ate nochos :( I feel like pukeing my birthday was 2 days ago turned 20 and I have a new born son I just so scarred I'm going to die and this is cancer now I just feel so so sad :'( I don't wanna die. Like when I have good days and can drink a full Gatorade and eat all day I'm happiest as can be :)! Right ? But when it gets bad like this is the worst feelings I wish I could eat like a normal human again :( I'm dieing my baby sister eats more than me

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Presumably investigating is normal you are left with non ulcer dyspepsia and ibs. Behave like an invalid and you will become one.

Maybe see a dietitian


You might have depression that a lot of us women get after having a baby . I had it bad after I gave birth to my son . I couldn't eat or sleep I was shaking , nervous & dizzy all the time & cried constantly . You need to see your doctor dear ; with a baby depending on you you can't let this take over your life . I had no support system myself & I muddled through some how . A new baby can be very stressful but you will adjust to your new responsibilities ; find a support group for new mothers ... Best of luck 🙂


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