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Ways to deal with my anxiety symptoms?

Hi there, i'm Lu, 17 on Friday, and i'm new here. I have anxiety and suffer from panic attacks. My panic attacks include feeling very nauseous, bloated, getting a headache across my forehead, fatigue, trembling, hyperventilation, heat flashes, and excessive saliva production. I have been struggling a lot lately after a good run of doing okay. I have a really big fear of vomiting and every time I get a panic attack, especially at school, I think I am going to be sick and humiliate myself. I feel like I am going nuts. After my panic attacks, I feel extra fatigued and I don't feel like myself for the next few days with loss of appetite and stuff. I am on Zoloft and I have as needed Xanax which I hate taking. I am also doing EMDR therapy (Google it if you aren't sure about what that is) and I am going to group therapy specifically for teens with anxiety and depression. I need some ways to help me get through the symptoms of my anxiety because working through it every day is so so hard for me and I feel like I can't do it anymore. Please, please help me.



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I suffer with exact symptoms as you, including the fear of vomiting. I find relaxation music helps me to calm down, if you google mood juice you will find lots to download on there, also rescue remedy pastilles are really good too you can get those at most super markets or health shops. Hope that helps a little.


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