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Sudden Breathlessness

I dont know if its just me or if others get it But i could be laying down and all of a sudden palpitations along with Sudden shortness of breath kicks in and i go into Panic mode.... I feel like i need to Gasp for air. Its so scary... Like if iam going to have a Heart attack or something... I hate This feeling. Chest pains Headaches dizziness it goes On and On and On..... I feel so Helpless... 😥 weak and broken... 8 YEARS AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED BUT ONLY GOTTEN WORSE.. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE iam tired of crying tired of suffering ...

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I agree WhereIsFreedom, 8 years is a long time to feel like you do. Anxiety has a way of taking away our lives. But it doesn't have to stay that way. I was in that same position like you. Crying every single day for 6 years straight. I didn't even know why I was crying after a while. I just knew I couldn't stop and of course the physical symptoms came along for the ride. Doctor upon doctor, ER visits, hospitalization and tons of therapy plus meds finally got me to the point that this insanity had to stop. This was true craziness, not me, but what this anxiety was doing to my life. You are going to have to get angry enough to get back in charge. Use all you have learned about this overbearing disorder and kick it to the street. Tell yourself you will no longer take this abuse. No one needs this in their life. Continue using the forum for support but also start moving, don't stay stuck or you will never get out of this situation. Use the tools you have learned about. Whether it be therapy, meds, relaxation, meditation, deep breathing or just plain acceptance. I'm telling you it will work, you will start to feel better and once you do, things will start turning around. You can do it. x


Thank you so much Agora i really truly appreciate this so much.

Ive tried so hard to accept it and i have.. Well so i thought. Somedays iam FEELING GREAT like ive never had Anxiety before and then the next iam feeling like iam about to die or i cant breathe so and so... After i was diagnosed with High cholesterol and High blood sugar i let myself go... Ive gained more weight and i cant even look at myself anymore. I get scared everytime o get a panic attack or start to feel my heart race because i automatically think its a heart attack from high cholesterol or something else. Ive tried working out and failed at that.. I gave Up. Anxiety was taking over... And its only gotten worse. I like thia forum be ause it helps me cope. But i need to get back on my feet. Like you said i need to keep Moving i cant just sit here and wait for the worst to happen.... I truly feel so alone or as if i have it worse than others :(

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