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Anxiety & panic attacks in pregnancy

Hi there,

I have been suffering from anxiety for almost 4 years now. I have always been a worrier but when I had my little boy I had a bad labour (induced and resulted in an emergency c section) which left me depressed and anxious. I felt so inferior to other mums as I wasn't able to give birth naturally and also wasn't able to breastfeed due to my little boy having a tongue tie. I lost all of my confidence and with my husband working away felt so alone. After a year I finally saw a councillor who literally changed my life and helped me deal with my issues. Recently I have been through a stressful time at work and we are in the middle of a house move. I have now found out I am pregnant and am over the moon but my anxiety it spiralling out of control. I'm worried something will happen to the baby and am constantly dizzy, tired, feeling sick and having panic attacks where I think I will pass out. I have self referred myself to see a councillor but would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has been in a similar situation.

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Hi hun. I have been in similar situation to you. I have 3 children and got bad post natal depression with 2of them. I have however also been an anxious person for as long as I can remember. It has got to the point where I avoid going out to certain places ie, shops, driving, anywhere busy. Incase I have a panic attack, it has been the lowest point for me over this last year. I am currently seeing a councillor and am half way through the therapy and it does help to talk and get things off your chest. I have just moved house too and also feel alone as I don't know anyone. I keep praying everyday will get better and some days are better than others. I have come through anxiety before so live on the hope I can do it again. Always have hope, never give up. Here if you need to talk xx bless you xx


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