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Hi I'm sean I'm 49 year old male I have suffered from anxiety since I was 15 though not diagnosed until 41/42 y old did try the doctor when I was younger but they didn't know what it was and said I would have to live with it thinking I was the only one, life was tough as had fear of going out, however when I did get diagnosed with anxiety and got the medication right WOW what a difference it made for the first time I felt normal just wish I had this diagnoses a lot earlier

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Welcome :-)

I do relate to you been just a few years older about when we were younger this was not recognized and people would say get a grip and don't be silly were phases often used when you tried to speak out about how you felt so you learnt to just cope in a fashion and I am so pleased even though it has taken time and more understanding from people that finally you got some medication that has worked for you and life seems to have got so much better :-)

This is why I cannot say often enough to people to go and speak with your GP and get the treatment that will help you , even if it takes several attempts it is so worth it rather than suffering in silence :-)

I wish you all the best in the future and thank you for your positive post and encouragement :-)

Take Care x

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