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I've noticed since starting Zoloft I have begun experiencing single palpitations (once every evening). I told me dr. Who didn't seem concerned but gave me an EKG anyway to make sure things were working fine. The results were normal. However, last night I began to experience persistent palpitations feelings in my throat. My pulse is fine, not high of irregular, but I can slightly feel each beat in my throat. I'm trying to figure out what this is.. I've heard women can experience palps during their period (which I am on), so might this be hormone related? a Zoloft thing? or anxiety? or serious heart issue? I know no one can confirm but just your thoughts on this would be helpful before I decide my next course of action!

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It sounds like these are ectopic beats which almost everyone gets at some times. In order to prove this you would need to get an ecg reading at the time they occur, but because they are of no significance, you would not normally qualify for a 24 hour or 7 day monitoring, unless they persist or are prolonged, but these would be available privately or you could purchase or borrow from someone an AliveCor monitor. They are £100.


Celexa gave me heart palpitations that went away when I stopped taking it. I hated that feeling. Other meds give me heart palps and fluttering. I wore a holter monitor that showed skipped beats. I was sent to a cardiologist who told me skipped beats are no big deal that lots of people have them and don't know it. He told me I'm sensitive to meds so try not to take them if not needed, to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, reduce stress and get exercise and that I won't notice them as much. If you have only noticed it since starting Zoloft then that's most likely the cause. I would talk more with the doctor about it and decide if its sons thing you want to keep taking or try a different med. :)

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Well just back from emergency department. The triage nurse said my heart beat was irregular which further panicked me. She asked me if I had a lot of caffeine today, which I didn't because I am extremely sensitive to any amount of caffeine. Anyway, my EKG was excellent and the dr said my heartbeat is perfectly in rhythm. He ordered me to wear a 2-week heart monitor to further investigate the cause of these palpitations. Really feeling upset about this today and now I'm constantly checking my pulse :(


Been through this all / been to A&E 3 x , lots of tests, came up clear . I'm having a hormone profile to see if it's related to that now. Other than that anxiety has my HR sky high


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