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ER woohoo

So this morning was hell on earth. Insane blood pressure readings..... For the last week or so I've noticed my pulse was high, resting was over 100, this morning I decide to head to the E.r. and shockingly I get a reading on my BP of 229 over 96. At this point I'm panicing, I retake it and it's even higher. I threw the Damn thing off. When I get to the hospital after driving 60 miles to get up there. It plummets right when I get inside. Nurse got this sarcastic smirk when I told her what my reading was, but when I pulled it up in the memory her eyes got kinda big. I said yea fucking told you. Well after blood work, chest x ray, ekg, guess what? Everything is fine. I just laid there embarassrd

I did notice something for future reference. My blood pressure and pulse have dropped to steady low numbers. Lower than they have been. I feel like I'm just crazy. And then asking is this harmful the doctors have no answers. Its aggravating.

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But you've acknowledged you have anxiety and panic, which will increase your pulse and BP and then if your muscles are tense, the reading will increase even more.

Is it harmful, well yes a bit, but the query is what can you do about it and that's the difficult bit

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Yea but there was no escaping this attack. Was going to happen regardless.


That's what happens to me to. I go to the E.R and after getting checked and laying there for awhile, b.p is at 110/80. I say, I don't understand it! Dr. says-- Your 😌 relaxed. Same thing at my Drs. Office. I tell them how high it is. They take it, and it's perfect. Don't I feel stupid! Nothing like feeling safe and relaxed to bring it down. If only we could bottle that feeling up and take it home with us..😁 Ruby🌹


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