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Wow! it feels so good to have a clear relaxed mind. i'm experiencing this feeling at the moment and pray that it stays with me for ever. Haven't felt like this for months/years and even forgot how it feels to be relaxed and have a clear mind.

I have made a decision to truly accept the negative thoughts/worries/guilt/fears/health etc. Believe me or not once I don't give them attention they seem to vanish without me trying to block them. I've tried this in the past after reading a book teaching ACT( Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ) but I never persevered enough instead I used to cheat myself into secretly worrying, probably because it did not feel right to me not to worry.

Its still early to say a lot I know anxiety is very unpredictable but will continue to practise and see what happens next.

All the best to all you guys in this community

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Oh matosh, isn't it the most awesome feeling? I use to think if I could bottle that clear relaxed feeling of peace and no cares, I'd be a multi millionaire. You can't put a price on that feeling. I think your acceptance has brought you to this point in your life. Yes it's true that anxiety is unpredictable but you have the key now to open the door to peace and calm. I'm glad it happened for you. Wishing you well.


That is great to hear!

Understanding and accepting versus fighting is the key! Im so glad to see you are doing much better and that you are sharing your experience on here for others. Just remember that your positive thinking will make this last as long as you want. And if they come back... SO WHAT! it will go away again. Cheers!



But how do you do that I have tried so hard to just accept it and let it ride over me that it is so difficult and then you feel like you failed have you got any more suggestions any of you about this thank you


It's not failure if you are letting it do what it needs to do. It is only going to get better. Trust in God and trust He is working in your favor. He will not let you fail


I really hope you enjoy your life with out any worries god help you


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