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post breakdown memory

I had a breakdown nearly 3 years ago now, thought I was dying everyday for nearly 2 months. it's left me still feeling a bit broken..that's the best way to put it. I don't feel like I'm as intelligent as I once was, my concentration is awful and my short term memory is really bad. I find it hard to understand certain things. why is this? what happens to our brains when we go through things like this? Im finding it difficult to cope with at the moment. I don't feel like who I used to be exists anymore

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thank you. I just expect myself to be back to 'normal' now and I guess it is just going to take time. I have tried meditation but my lack of concentration just puts me off doing it. I find it more stressful than anything x


My short term memory goes haywire when I'm stressed. As the other poster said it's the body protecting you just go with it and try not to fear it.


does it? that makes me feel better. I applied for a job the other day and they had a short term memory test and I just burst out crying because I couldn't do it. I'd have flown through it before but my brain just wasn't working. feel like my memory will never improve!


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