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Tonight is a horrible night I call one of the operators that are on like 21st 7 just in case of an emergency I had a few questions about how I was feeling and the doctor had an attitude which really sucks that's what they get paid to do my heart is beating weird and I keep getting feeling like and we'll throw up my chest area is like this week but nobody seems to really understand me not even my own husband he tells me to drink beer and it's not a solution for me to do and it sucks big time I wish you could be a little bit more caring but he sick I'm always there 24/7 100% or 110% but I guess that's just women are stupid sometimes to pick the ones we were stuck with them for the rest of her life if we choose to sucks does anybody have a Snapchat

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Have you gone for counceling? It seems you both should go ? I can tell by what you say your texting as fast as your thinking snd he is not understanding when he tells you to have a beer. You both need to work on this together


Hey I get like this it's anxiety and you probably find you'll work yourself up more. I used to wake with massive panic attacks and my fiancé would never understand he cared but sometimes he'd get annoyed with it and care Is all you want in that moment of time! Maybe explain to him how you feel, I think if he was to give you a cuddle and tell you nothing is wrong you'd feel much better and you will calm better :)

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Hi yes it's really hard to see things I'm going cuckoo but I'm really not going cuckoo but now that the days are getting much better and easier for me because he used to be so much worse back then or I'm saying last year it's a lot of all progress I did a lot and getting better at it day by day but my anxiety is not for my heart to go fast it is feeling like either of my blood pressure is going low or something of that sort like it feels weird and strange hopefully this Wednesday I can find out and see what's going on with me and have some lab work done maybe I'm just a lack of vitamin or something that I need in my body just when I do feel the way I do I normally just smoke a little bit of weed and I feel a lot more better or I'll drink alcohol but I am trying to stay away from alcohol so it's just different now he's understanding more because I sometimes have a breakdown and now you can tell him that feels horrible for a person to go through it you know but he's getting there little by little understanding but with God's help and your guyses response I'm blessed to have everything in my life


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