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Anxiety, we all have it, but some of us are more wired than others? I can't help thinking that grandma is right. We are continually bombarded with information, be it TVs, text, phone always noise. People don't sleep well anymore cause of the computer screens activate our senses and does not allow time for melatonin to pour to help sleep. Somehow I think we have forgotten how to live in the quiet parts of our mind and we have forgotten how to just "be". In my house the phone is always ringing,,the tv is usually on, we are always onto the next thing to be somewhere on time. I have decided to have one evening a week where we switch off appliances and just sit and listen to the radio for an hour or so then wonder up to bed. I'm wondering if this would help with sleep and calm down before bed. Worth a try?


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  • So true. The light from tv screens, laptops, phones, etc interferes with sleep. That's a widely held scientific fact. Blue light, circadian rhythm, all of that. It's one of the basic tenets of good "sleep hygiene"

    Having said that, I can't sleep without them - my mind just thinks too much when its left to its own devices :) I know it's wrong but I can't sleep without it and I think about work, problems, etc. Maybe if I tried a little harder.

  • Yes your right, I don't sleep,well and often find myself chatting to someone on this site at 3am! Interestingly, when I switch off my sky tv a blue light comes on the screen, which as you,say is the worst thing to see just before bed! It's a nightmare ( or it would be if I could sleep)! I use my iPad to go on YouTube for relaxing techniques or soothing music and I been using a sleep balm called forty winks, elixir remedy, it's quite restful. I will try anything to get a good nights sleep. Hope you have a good day and a restful night!xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Definitely so. No only that but we are bombarded with images and stories of what a wonderful life we should be leading and achieving, things we should be owning, etc which stokes up feelings of inadequacy

  • Yes I agree, we are all chasing an unobtainable goal. My mum grew up in the 1930's and she is always saying people have far too many things and are still not happy. Years ago I think there was time to be yourself and to have the headspace we,don't allow,ourselves to have today. It's so,important to allow your mind to,wonder and let it just "be". I have a teenage son, who had an appliance strapped to his hand most of the time ( or he did until I have restricted it) but to my horror the school has introduced iPads for every child! There is no getting away from it! Switching off is the way to go! Xxxxxxx

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