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anxiety for years now a drink problem

hi there ive never been on one of these sites before im 31 and had anxeity for about 10+ years now i now find the only way to stop it is drink i feel like i im going to die sometimes its the worst feeling ive ever felt in my life and if this is realy a true site you should know the feeling some people freinds included look at me funny when i cant stay still and rub my face shake my leg and look like a weirdo ive fond myself runing to the shop somtimes for beer because it stops the bad feelings now i have a drink problem now i drink everyday and when ive had a drink i allways say to myself i`ll get help ill go to my doctors tomorow then i get nervus and if i do go i can never get the words out to say what im feeling so in short help somone please i dont know what to do now i have 2 kids 2 and 4 i stay in my room on my own and dont interact with my kids or girlfriend unless ive had a drink now its been a long time ive lived with this sorry for the rambling on but but i dont know what else to do anymore any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Hi would recommend firstly seeing your gp, sometimes we have to accept some help and support, if it was any other illness you probably wouldn't worry about talking to your gp, if you feel very anxious about talking to the gp perhaps someone could go with you? You could also write everything down just as you have here in your post, even just hand to the gp during your appointment? that may sound silly but its not, as long as you get your gp to know the symptoms/problems your having thats the main thing, doesn't matter if this is verbally or by letter, so consider making that appointment, in the meantime you can come here n talk, many people will relate to your struggle, don't feel alone because that isn't the case, :-)

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Hi Craig

I know I am stating the obvious but you need to cut back on the drink which you are using to avoid the thoughts and feelings you are having. It might seem like a quick fix but is probably the worst form of self medicating that you can do as the alcohol only increases your anxiety once the effects start wearing off. You cannot rid yourself of anxiety by drinking and is not the answer.

To recover, you must face and feel all those anxious thoughts and feelings created by the anxiety and do nothing about them.

Please read my last post for more information. If you follow the advice, you will recover.



I do totally understand how you are feeling and its so easy to turn to drink for help Alcholol is great as a quick fix to relax you but it does so much harm What you need is something that will give you that same feeling you get with a drink to calm you down

Please please try relaxation techniques they will help you there is loads and loads of help on You Tube fantastic videos Try and wean yourself off as you learn to relax

Don't beat yourself up about it I'm sure there are a lot of people that have been where you are Also having a drink problem is needing it all the time and waking up and not being able to function unless you have a drink

With you it sounds more like it's just Dutch courage to help you through the horrible anxiety feelings

It will make you ill but of course you know that Try deep breathing meditation, tensing and letting go

Get help from you doctor don't feel ashamed you are just needing help with anxiety

Alcohol also causes anxiety so it really is the demon drink

Take it slowly one day at a time and you will get there

Wishing you all the very very best


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