How I feel on Wednesday

I feel a little bit on the not good site today I did have a few beers but I know that's not what it was but my heart's beating weird I could feel it on my neck every time I get up it's basically the same feeling that I've been feeling without drinking butts honestly I think I should really stop drinking because with one tall can I get pretty like what are you still have to drink 3 tall cans to get buzzed but now I'm so lightweight but I feel like it kid it's the only thing that makes me feel better but I'm damaging my own organs because I'm drinking every day it's not that I crave it nothing more that I want it but I know it makes me feel better I just hope this goes away


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4 Replies

  • If you are seeing a trend with alcohol you should stop drinking. If it upsets your stomach this can contribute to your anxiety.

  • Yes i know i think im loosing more weight uhg me looking at my self in the mirror makes ne eant to cry i feel like im loosing more i just gain 2 pounds now im sure im loosing i wish i can be fat again i hate looking like this ....i feel like my heart is going to stop or slowing down idky

  • It's definitely a good idea to not drink to chase away the anxiety and depression, it will only magnify it, I think your seeing how it works against you by what your saying. You have a drink , you have some relief so you have another till you don't care about it , then comes the day that 2-3 beers are not working so You drink something stronger. Please get professional help. If u don't want to do that yet, change your habit Work out, yoga etc...we are here for you. lynl

  • Hi Crystal88, so it's not that you crave beer but are using it more as a way to feel better with your anxiety. The thing is you are not feeling better but are magnifying the symptoms. Your heart is beating weird because the alcohol is stimulating as well as dehydrating. You seem to know that you should stop drinking but still reach for the can. You hope these feelings will go away, but they won't unless you stop drinking. You have completed a circle of denial. You are losing weight probably because you are not eating like you should since the beer fills you up. Empty calories. Since it seems to be affecting you both physically and emotionally, I think the time has come for you to seek some help before it escalates. You wouldn't be the first person who has reached for alcohol to dull the pain only to realize it is just a short escape and then the problems are back again. Crystal let us know how we can support you in getting the help you need. There's a life out there for you to live. I hope you pursue it. xx

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