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severe anxiety

found out i got severe anxiety now what do i do i feel i cant think my normal thoughts any more everyday is a fight with my head feels like am living in hell for the past 2 days its picked up a lot feels like everything i do is all ways wrong feels like i cant be happy even thou i got good things happening i had one bad thing that happen yesterday that made it so much hared to control my unwanted thoughts feels like am losing i hate this i really do

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Remember you are stronger then you think. We have all been there and some of us are going through it now. Im not sure exactly what you are afraid of but remember those things that you are afraid of are not real and it is just your thoughts.

Right now you are thinking of the worst things possible. You have to allow your mind to think of other things. Using mindfulness helps. You mind is always going to focus on what the body is doing. If you sit there and do nothing then it makes it harder but if you go for a walk, run, do anything active then you are using your mind to focus on something else.

For me it is prayer. It calms me down and gives me an anchor of hope knowing that God and Jesus are with me always.

Again, just remember you can beat this. You can beat this again and again and again. You are a strong person. Never forget that.

By the way I bet when you were reading this you were practicing midfulness! See it works !


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Don't try and control any of the thoughts or feelings. You need to understand that you have no control so trying to do anything about them will just make them worse because you are fighting a battle inside your own head and one that doesn't exist. By doing this, you are trying to fix yourself but there is nothing to fix.

Let all the thoughts come but resist the temptation to try and figure them out, make sense of them, push them away. Learn not to react to them because this just adds more fear to the fear that is already there. You can't stop the thoughts coming but you can change the way you deal with them. They are all symptoms of anxiety and not real. When you start to recover, you will begin to see through the b*llsh*t lies that anxiety forces upon you which makes it easier to not give them the attention you are giving them now. Stop trying to fix yourself and feel everything willingly. This is the way to recover.

Best wishes


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Hi I understand what you are saying! I recently got put on cymbalta, it is an anti anxiety tablet and is fabulous, I feel for the first time in about 30 years that I can enjoy pleasant things.

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Thank you everyone


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