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Hi I know it's late I'm laying down the pain has gone a little bit away I did a little bit of soup and took an Aleve medicine so I feel ok just my heart acting weird and it's hurting a bit but I noticed that my left side of my face is swollen I might have an infection hopefully it doesn't get any worse because I'm really trying to make an appointment I just have to see if my insurance will cover it or at least half I'm hoping your son I'm just kinda stressing about if I have an infection and will it affect my heart and anyway well I'm going to guess you can say I'm getting a little bit of anxiety thinking a little bit too much hopefully not because my eyeballs do does hurt my whole left side is like itchy and tingly I think maybe it's because of my tooth I don't think it would be a stroke I hope not it's coming to a point where my tooth hurts and then later it hurts and itches at the same time does anybody know what the experience if you do so please let me know I'm kind of scared about this but I know you can't go to emergency room over tooth hurting so please let me know

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