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Gastritis and anxiety

I was diagnosed from my doctor with gastritis and given omeprazole 20mg. This was yesterday. I have never ever felt so poorly in my life - I feel sick constantly (which is my worse most fearful symptom) abdominal pains, and watery bowel movement frequently. I don't know what to do and how to cope, I've taken IBS relief for sickness and abdominal pains but nothing is better. I know it's only been 1 day, but that's with medication I was suffering before for 5 days - but it's seem to got worse today. I've been in bed all day I can't eat really unless I have a smoke of marijuana but I can't smoke marijuana because it makes my sickness a whole lot worse. I haven't thrown up, and I don't want to!! Someone please help me with advice on what to eat, what to do with myself until it goes and how long it takes to go!! I'm really struggling here! Thank you

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